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Memorable information

If you want to increase the security on your account you can set two-factor authentication. It's no longer possible to set memorable information on your account.

If you already have memorable information set, please consider setting two-factor authentication instead.


The memorable information check is a permanent lock. If you enable it, you will not normally be able to change or disable it afterwards.

The procedure

Step 1. LOGIN, and press ACCOUNT submenu SETTINGS.
Step 2. Under the panel for Security Options / Memorable information, press SET
Step 3. Enter and confirm your Memorable Information, which should be 8 to 12 characters, of letters and numbers with no spaces, then press the SUBMIT button.

What if I forget my memorable information?

If you forget your login details, or have been barred from logging in, please reset your password. This will clear your memorable information.

How does this check protect me?

The memorable information check protects you from:

  • "Shoulder surfing": The memorable information check asks for a different set of characters every time. If someone watches over your shoulder to see your password, they will still not have the right information to log in again.
  • Keyboard logging: If a hacker gets access to your computer — particularly physical access — it becomes possible for them to record your keystrokes. Because the memorable information check forces you to select characters with a mouse, it becomes much harder for a hacker to record how you accessed your account.