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Monitor my orders

Orders placed on an exchange may take time to complete as parts of your order are dealt against other participants' matching orders. You can monitor the state of your orders, whether open (i.e. still to trade), completed, cancelled or rejected.

You can view a description of the order states here.

The procedure

Step 1. Make sure you are logged in. Press HISTORY > ORDERS.
Step 2. You will see a screen which displays your orders. Open orders are shown at the top of the first page of results, with closed orders below. Use the grey panelled header to manipulate the display. You can set filters on your closed orders to see only the ones that interest you. This will give you - for example - orders at a certain status, or orders at a certain vault, or orders denominated in a certain currency. Apply a sort order on your displayed orders using the arrows. The system remembers your last configuration, so if you decide on a favourite format it will appear consistently.
Step 3. You will see the order panel on the right hand side. Click on any order that you see on the left side of the screen and the order panel will contain more details of the order selected. If you do not select an order then the order panel will retain its previous state, possibly ready for a new order to be entered by you.
Step 4. You may wish to kill an order which is open. To do this you must select the relevant open order by clicking anywhere on its line, which loads the order panel. Press KILL. Your order will be taken down from the order board and will trade no further. If someone trades against your order before your kill request is received then it is possible that your open order will have traded more than it displayed on your screen. Nevertheless whatever is still open at the time BullionVault receives your kill instruction will not execute. Note: Some orders may not be cancelled. For example, orders at the Daily Price may not be cancelled shortly before the price is determined.
Step 5.
In case you are studying something this screen does not refresh itself. You can click on the 'Refresh' icon of your browser window to refresh the view, which is useful if you have an open order which is being gradually traded. You will see the amount traded steadily increasing.