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See statements & bar lists

Bank statements are provided by BullionVault's bankers and evidence the currency balances held in the pooled segregated bank accounts for BullionVault Clients.

Vault bar lists are provided by the vault operator and evidence the bars held for BullionVault Clients in the separate storage area allocated within each vault.

We prepare electronic copies of our current bar lists and bank statements as soon as we receive them, and we publish them on the web. The link to them is on the page of our reconciliation of all BullionVault customer property - known as the Daily Audit.

The procedure

Step 1. Go to the BullionVault front page and press DAILY AUDIT.
Step 2. On the Client property audit panel you will see a grid of figures. The top line of titles shows the bullion vaults or the currencies, depending on what you select from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Click one of these column headings, or the icon associated with it, and the relevant statement is popped up. You will need to log in to see the bar lists, but not the currency statements.

Timing excludes today's business ...

  • Bank statements and bar lists are only received by us at the close of each business day. We wait until we have all the close of business statements, perform our reconciliation the next working day.