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Fund my account

Your 'linked' bank account

WARNING! Your BullionVault account is 'linked' to your bank account. After the first time you send us money, we will only ever accept further deposits to your BullionVault account from the same bank account, and we will usually only remit funds back to the same bank account. (Exceptions may arise if events make it inappropriate to remit your funds to your current bank.) These precautions are required by UK and international anti-money laundering regulations and by us to improve your security.

Make a deposit

See how to make a deposit for your country and currency

Manual bank transfer

Go to your online banking (or to you local branch) and make a payment using BullionVault's bank details as published on this site. Take care to ensure that you are sending your funds to the correct BullionVault's bank account for your country and currency.

The payment reference for a manual bank transfer should be your BullionVault username. This helps us identify the payment and credit it your BullionVault account as soon as possible.

Easy bank transfer

This option is available for most UK banks (for GBP payments) and a limited number of European banks (for EUR payments).

This allows users to initiate the transfer from BullionVault. They will be taken directly to their mobile banking where they just need to check and approve the transaction details.

Easy bank transfer is powered by TrueLayer, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK to initiate bank transfers. They do not actually handle the funds — the transaction will be direct from your bank to BullionVault. TrueLayer only provides BullionVault with integration to the banks' systems.

Easy bank transfer deposits will show up on your Balance as 'Pending settlement' until the funds reach our bank account. This is typically a matter of seconds for a UK bank and next working day for a European bank.

Each easy bank transfer uses a one-off payment reference that is specific to that transfer. This lets us identify your incoming payment so we can make the funds available to you as soon as possible.

Acceptable currencies

BullionVault only accepts US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds or Japanese Yen. For other currencies, either:

  • Convert your funds into one of our currencies and then wire them to us. This way you will have control over the currency conversion rate that you pay. Your bank's foreign exchange department will usually sell you one of our currencies if you don't have it. When you have bought the currency, they will debit your account in your home currency and be able to transmit the currency you bought straight to BullionVault. Or you may be able to obtain a better conversion rate by using currency-conversion specialists such as Moneycorp (over $5,000) or CurrencyFair.


  • Send us funds and our bank will convert them for the currency of the receiving bank account. BullionVault has no control over the conversion rate which the bank uses, but Lloyds Bank have agreed to cap their FX margin at 1.45%.

Sending Euro to our London Euro bank account

Although the UK has left the EU, it remains part of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) scheme. You can still send Euros payments to our London-based Euro bank account in London via SEPA payments.

SEPA payments typically arrive the next working day and banks normally charge the same as for a domestic bank transfer (usually free).

What happens next?

  • We check for newly arrived payments several times an hour during normal UK business hours. Payments received outside these hours may be processed on the following working day.
  • UK domestic payments can usually be assigned instantly on arrival, 24/7.
  • 'Easy bank transfer' payments will appear on your Balance as 'Pending settlement' immediately, before settling (and becoming available to spend) shortly afterwards.
  • Allow 2 working days for SWIFT
  • We will email you when your money clears. Contact us if you do not see your money credited within these times.
  • Watch out for time-zones. The further west you are (e.g. California) the more likely your funds will require an extra day to reach us. But you get this back in the end as we can send you funds more reliably on the same day when you withdraw them.
  • Allow an extra day for public holidays. UK bank holidays.
  • Remember to verify your identity within 2 weeks of funding your account.