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Buy gold bullion from 1 gram to 100kg in the form of large 'Good Delivery' bars securely stored and insured in your choice of vault. You can buy and sell gold 24/7, at live market prices on our Order Board. Thinking of buying gold coins? Compare gold coins to vaulted gold.

Vaulted Zurich gold
Securely stored & insured in a Swiss vault
  • Price per gram: £59.32
  • Price per toz: £1,845.22
  • Price per kilo: £59,325.00
Vaulted London gold
Securely stored & insured in a UK vault
  • Price per gram: £59.31
  • Price per toz: £1,844.91
  • Price per kilo: £59,315.00
Vaulted New York gold
Securely stored & insured in a US vault
  • Price per gram: £59.36
  • Price per toz: £1,846.47
  • Price per kilo: £59,365.00
Vaulted Toronto gold
Securely stored & insured in a Canadian vault
  • Price per gram: £59.32
  • Price per toz: £1,845.22
  • Price per kilo: £59,325.00
Vaulted Singapore gold
Securely stored & insured in a Singapore vault
  • Price per gram: £59.36
  • Price per toz: £1,846.47
  • Price per kilo: £59,365.00
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Prices updated 28/05/2024 08:31:56 and include 0.5% commission.

BullionVault enables private investors to buy, store and sell precious metals at wholesale prices with narrow spreads.

Using professional vaults operated by members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) - the same vaults used by industry specialists - means you pay the lowest gold storage & insurance costs with no VAT or delivery costs.

Users in the United Kingdom can open an account online or via our mobile app and buy gold all in just a few minutes. You can sell at any time.

The combination of wholesale bullion market prices, low commission costs to buy or sell and small custody fees mean that owning your bullion within large gold bars is by far the most efficient way to buy gold.

Gold coins compared to vaulted gold

Coins are attractive and easy to gift, but owning gold in the vault, fully insured and ready to sell instantly 24/7, is cheaper, safer and easier.

  • Buying coins to keep at home

  • Buying vaulted gold using BullionVault

  • 1oz Gold Britannia
    1oz Gold Britannia (2023) - Fine Gold Content 31.104 grams
    • Price per coin: £1620.00*
    • Vaulted gold is cheaper by £96.13 (6%)

    *Price for 1 ''Best Value'' 1oz Britannia gold coin taken on 04/07/23 at 16:07 UTC on a leading UK coin dealer website.

  • 1oz vaulted gold
    Gold bars stored in an LBMA approved vault in Zurich
    • Price per toz: £1523.87**

    **Price for 1oz of gold vaulted in Zurich taken from BullionVault's Order Board on 04/07/23 at 16:07 UTC and which includes BullionVault's 0.5% commission.

  • Vaulted gold is cheaper than the same weight of gold coins

    Coins start out as large bar 'Good Delivery' bullion. The costs to manufacture and distribute them are reflected in the large 'spread' between buy & sell prices. This typically costs the coin buyer over 10% of the metal's value, roundtrip. It will always be cheaper to buy vaulted gold.

  • Vaulted gold is traded in 1 gram increments of large 'Good Delivery' bars — as traded on professional markets. This means you can buy and sell on our competitive marketplace at very narrow spreads — usually within 0.2% of the spot price. You only pay a 0.5% commission to buy and sell, so roundtrip costs are usually less than 1.5%.

  • No delivery costs for vaulted gold

    Coin costs include postage and packing — either added to the total you pay or hidden in the price per coin. You'll also incur shipping & insurance costs when you sell back to an online dealer, plus a delay in receiving your cash.

  • Vaulted gold is fully allocated and already in the vault location of your choice, so there are no delivery fees to pay when you buy or sell.

  • Vaulted gold is stored in professional, high-security vaults

    Coins stored at home are at greater risk of theft and are costly to add to home insurance. If not declared, they could invalidate any claim. Deposit boxes have limited automatic cover and buying top-up insurance is prohibitively expensive. Keeping gold in your home country also puts it at risk of government confiscation or exchange controls.

  • Vaulted gold held if high-security professional vaults costs much less to insure. Even storage and insurance together are usually well below the cost of just insurance at home. Choose from five vaults in countries with strong records of respecting property rights. You can move your property around the world by selling in one vault and buying in another.

  • Trade vaulted gold 24/7

    Coin dealers usually operate on normal, working weekdays but many major events affecting financial confidence and gold prices are deferred by the banking authorities to weekends. It is often impossible to buy or sell coins during these critical times.

  • Vaulted gold is available to trade 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. When you sell, proceeds are available for withdrawal instantly. Money is usually back in your bank account within 48hrs after you've requested it.

  • Avoid VAT and sales tax on silver and platinum

    Silver & platinum coins are subject to VAT.

  • Vaulted silver & platinum are exempt from VAT or Sales Tax, saving up to 20% depending on where you live.

  • Capital gains tax isn't usually an issue

    Coins which are legal British currency, such as Britannias and Sovereigns, are exempt from UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

  • Vaulted gold is subject to CGT, but you only need to pay anything if your profits exceed £6,000 in the financial year (2023/24). Many investors will never exceed the threshold where CGT becomes due.

  • The best way to own gold

    Coins are attractive and easy to gift to loved ones but are not an efficient way of investing in gold.

  • Vaulted bullion with BullionVault is the most efficient way to buy, store and sell gold for investment.

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