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Cancel an order - in brief

The procedure

Step 1. (more detail)

Bring up your orders from the HISTORY > ORDERS screen. Open orders are shown at the top of the first page of results. Apply filters to see relevant active orders.

Where an open order can still be cancelled, a KILL button will be visible on the relevant order on the order panel. Pressing the KILL button cancels the order, or any remaining portion of it if it has been partially matched.

What happens next?

  • For orders on BullionVault's market order board, only the unexecuted part of a partially matched order can be killed. You cannot kill a trade, as this would be unfair to the person you traded with.
  • You receive an email contract for any partial element of the order which dealt.
  • The funds or bullion associated with the order will be released for re-use.


  • Your cancellation instruction is processed in strict sequence by BullionVault. If someone else's order deals against you between the time your order enquiry was run and your subsequent cancellation then you will see you have dealt more on the order than when you requested its cancellation.
  • Note: Some orders may not be cancelled. For example, orders at the Daily Price may not be cancelled shortly before the price is determined.
  • Confirm your final amount dealt on the HISTORY > ORDERS screen.