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The Toronto vault

Where is my bullion in Toronto?

The Toronto vault is run on our behalf by Brink's. Only our vault operators ever handle BullionVault bullion.

A section of Brink's Toronto vault is reserved exclusively for BullionVault customers. Your gold and silver is there.

The Toronto vault operates under Canadian jurisdiction.

What form does my gold take in Toronto?

The Toronto gold vault stores 400 troy oz (12.4kg) London Good Delivery bars. They have a minimum assayed purity of 99.5%. Your gold balance on BullionVault consists of the 100% pure content of those bars, which is calculated by multiplying each bar's gross weight by its measured purity.

These bars are the acceptable form for dealers in the Canadian bullion market.

What form does my silver take in Toronto?

The Toronto silver vault stores 1,000 troy oz (31.1kg) London Good Delivery Bars. They have a minimum assayed purity of 99.9%. In line with standard bullion-market practice, BullionVault accounting units of silver are expressed in gross weight, not fine. They are denominated in kilograms and grams.

These bars are the acceptable form for dealers in the Canadian bullion market.

What is special about the Toronto vault?

Toronto ranks amongst the world's top ten financial centres. With a low crime rate and a highly diverse, well educated population, it is judged one of the top 15 cities globally for quality of life. The fifth largest city in North America, and the provincial capital of Ontario State, Toronto is Canada's commercial and banking centre, and home to the nation's largest stock exchange.

Canada is widely regarded as one of the least corrupt economies in the world, and its legal system – built on British common law – enforces strong personal property rights. The World Bank puts Canada at No.17 out of 185 countries for "ease of doing business". Its citizens enjoy a high level of average income per head, and although inequality has widened slightly in recent years, Canada remains just behind Switzerland for equity of income distribution. It is ahead of Japan, the UK and the US.

The world's 8th largest gold mining producer, Canada is 11th largest in silver. It is also home to three of the largest Good Delivery refineries. The North American division of Johnson Matthey is headquartered at Brampton, Ontario, close to Toronto's Pearson Airport, which handles more Canada-US traffic than any other airport.