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07 Nov '23 Gold Price Drops as Real Rates Rebound, Fed's Inflation Fight 'Not Finished' Adrian Ash
06 Nov '23 'Fatigue' Hits Gold Price as Crude Oil 'Loses Risk Premium' Atsuko Whitehouse
03 Nov '23 Gold Price Tries $2000 Again, Nasdaq Leaps on US Jobs Miss as Hezbollah Denies Iran Is Leading Attacks on Israel Adrian Ash
02 Nov '23 Comex Gold Retreats, Price $20 Off $2000 Despite US Fed, Gaza, Jobs Data Adrian Ash
01 Nov '23 $2000 Gold Price 'Needs Fed to Cut Rates' as Jobs Growth Slows, Treasury Trims Refunding Adrian Ash
31 Oct '23 Central Bank Gold: WGC Estimate Outruns IMF Data by 53% Since 2013 Adrian Ash
30 Oct '23 $2000 Gold Price 'Takes a Breather' after Near-Record Comex Surge Atsuko Whitehouse
27 Oct '23 High Gold Price Spurs Investment Selling, Not 'Safe Haven' Buying, as ETFs Shrink Adrian Ash
25 Oct '23 China's Gold Bars and Coin Demand Jumps, Beijing Tries Debt Stimulus Yet Again Adrian Ash
24 Oct '23 GLD Gold ETF Shrinks Again as TLT Rallies Off 16-Year Low, Ackman Quits Bond Short Adrian Ash
23 Oct '23 Gold Price Snaps Real-Rate Correlation as Mid East War, US Debt Weigh on Bonds and Stocks Atsuko Whitehouse
20 Oct '23 Comex Gold Hits $2000, New Record Price in EUR, CNY, GBP Despite ETF Outflows Adrian Ash
18 Oct '23 Gold and Silver Jump Again But ETF Investing Still Missing as Iran Urges Opec Embargo of Israel Adrian Ash
16 Oct '23 Gold Prices Hold on to 3-week Highs, Traders Focus on Middle East Conflict Atsuko Whitehouse
12 Oct '23 'End of Fed Rate Hikes' Sees Gold and Silver Rise Again with Bond Prices, Stocks Adrian Ash
10 Oct '23 Gold ETFs Shrink, Defying 'Safe Haven Flows' as Equities Jump Despite Hamas-Israel War Adrian Ash
09 Oct '23 Gold Prices Hit 1-Week High as Hamas-Israel War Spurs Geopolitical Fears Atsuko Whitehouse
06 Oct '23 GLD and IAU ETF Outflows See Gold Price Hit New 7-Month Lows on US Jobs Data Adrian Ash
05 Oct '23 Gold Price Falls with Stocks as Bond Market's Bear Steepener Says 'Higher for Longer' Adrian Ash
03 Oct '23 Gold and Silver Prices Whacked by 'Higher for Longer' Bond Market Rout Adrian Ash
02 Oct '23 Gold Price Hits 7-Month Low as Bets on 'Higher Sooner' Jump After Shutdown Deal Atsuko Whitehouse
29 Sep '23 Gold Bounce Fails, Drops 4.1% in Sept as GLD ETF Shrinks to 4-Year Low Adrian Ash
28 Sep '23 Gold Hits 6-Month Lows as US Bond Yields Jump on Strong Data, Looming Shutdown Adrian Ash
27 Sep '23 China Gold Price Sinks from $2000 as Autumn Holidays Begin Adrian Ash
26 Sep '23 Gold Price Falls as Yield Curve's 'Bear Steepener' Whacks Stocks Again Adrian Ash

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