Sending funds via Moneycorp

If you send a payment in your local currency directly to one of our client bank accounts (held in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro or Japanese Yen), our bank will convert it on receipt at their standard conversion rates (FX margin capped at 0.5%).
If you send funds via a third-party currency converter such as Moneycorp, you will need to provide proof of payment from your linked bank account to the currency converter, evidence of the conversion of the currency and proof of payment from the currency converter to BullionVault in order to provide a full audit trail of the funds from your linked bank account.

Moneycorp is a currency-conversion specialist which may be able to offer better exchange rates than your bank. If your funds are not held in a BullionVault trading currency (British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros) and you want to send a sum to BullionVault worth the equivalent of USD 5,000, or more, then Moneycorp provides an alternative to converting and sending your funds through the main banking system.

The offer-to-bid spread of a retail bank may be more than 3%. Moneycorp quotes currency on narrower 'commercial' spreads. These spreads are dependent on market conditions but for major currencies, converted into US Dollars, the rate will typically be around 0.5% above the live exchange rate. For minor currencies the rate will be around 0.65% above the live exchange rate. You should also consider the transfer charges for sending your money to Moneycorp's bank account in London.

  • Ensure that your BullionVault account has been validated prior to sending funds. This will help avoid delays. You will find details by logging in and going to ACCOUNT > VALIDATION.
  • You will need to wire your currency to the appropriate Moneycorp account (see details below). Be sure to cite the reference: CK8300101757KC <your BullionVault username>. For your safety, please also email or telephone BullionVault to tell us the funds are on the way. It is important that you send your funds from the same bank account that you have linked to your BullionVault account.
  • Upon receipt of your funds, Moneycorp will call us, and we will authorise them to convert your money into US Dollars.
  • Moneycorp will wire your US Dollars to your BullionVault account.

Please note: BullionVault does not recommend any particular service for currency conversion and you assume full responsibility for any use of such a service.

You will need to wire funds as follows:

Bank name Barclays
Bank address 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP, United Kingdom
Sort code 20-06-05
Payee TTT Moneycorp Limited
Account name TTT Moneycorp Ltd Client Safeguarding

Select the target account number appropriate for your currency from the following list.

MAJOR CURRENCIES (dealt at ~0.5% cost)

Australian Dollars (AUD) A/C number: 5334 0000 (IBAN no: GB52 BARC 2006 0553 3400 00)
Canadian Dollars (CAD) A/C number: 6988 5500 (IBAN no: GB08 BARC 2006 0569 8855 00)
Swiss Francs (CHF) A/C number: 7920 7055 (IBAN no: GB43 BARC 2006 0579 2070 55)
New Zealand Dollars (NZD) A/C number: 8843 0977 (IBAN no: GB97 BARC 2006 0588 4309 77)

MINOR CURRENCIES (dealt at ~0.65% cost)

UAE Dirham (AED) A/C number: 7323 3922 (IBAN no: GB09 BARC 2006 0573 2339 22)
Danish Krona (DKK) A/C number: 5468 8511 (IBAN no: GB78 BARC 2006 0554 6885 11)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) A/C number: 4905 2166 (IBAN no: GB33 BARC 2006 0549 0521 66)
Norwegian Krona (NOK) A/C number: 8250 6733 (IBAN no: GB36 BARC 2006 0582 5067 33)
Polish Zloty (PLN) A/C number: 7323 4044 (IBAN no: GB13 BARC 2006 0573 2340 44)
Swedish Krona (SEK) A/C number: 8871 6433 (IBAN no: GB17 BARC 2006 0588 7164 33)
Singapore Dollar (SGD) A/C number: 4905 3355 (IBAN no: GB37 BARC 2006 0549 0533 55)
South African Rand (ZAR) A/C number: 6396 1200 (IBAN no: GB04 BARC 2006 0563 9612 00)
Mexican Pesos (MXN) A/C number: 4904 6611 (IBAN no: GB56 BARC 2006 0549 0466 11)
Thai Baht (THB) A/C number: 5831 9366 (IBAN no: GB43 BARC 2006 0558 3193 66)
Israeli New Shekel (ILS) A/C number: 4541 5822 (IBAN no: GB55 BARC 2006 0545 4158 22)

IMPORTANT: Whenever you transfer funds to BullionVault, you must include your BullionVault username as a reference. This tells us which BullionVault account the money is to be credited to.

Similarly, when transferring funds to Moneycorp there is also a reference code to give your bank, as well as your BulliionVault username.

The full reference to quote is: CK8300101757KC <your BullionVault username>

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed your transfer, be sure to email or call BullionVault on +44 (0)20 8600 0130 to let us know your money is on the way.

Please do contact us if you have any questions or problems.