Gold at the British Library

BullionVault is proud to have supported the British Library's 2022 exhibition Gold.

Showcasing 50 spectacular manuscripts from around the world, the exhibition ran from Friday 20 May to Sunday 2 October at the Library's St Pancras site on Euston Road in central London.

Gold brought together books and documents from 20 countries, 17 languages, and 5 major world religions, revealing how this stunning and rare precious metal has lit up words and decoration in manuscripts crafted throughout history and across the world.

The ultimate prize in all cultures and in all ages, gold remains the most expensive tool of the illuminator's art. Its warmth and brightness have been associated with the sun and the divine since before the birth of writing. Gold's rarity and expense continue to convey power, wealth and status today, just as it did when the fragile and valuable manuscripts in the exhibition were made.

Supported by BullionVault, the British Library's Gold exhibition enabled visitors to share the awe and wonder which these beautiful and precious objects inspire.

For information about the exhibition, please go to the British Library's Gold exhibition page here.

Gold exhibition at the British Library supported by BullionVault